If you use Young Living Essential Oils™ regularly and want to economize on the cost of their use, you may register as a Young Living Registered Customer. You are then eligible to purchase Young Living Essential Oils™ at reduced prices, but you may neither recruit nor receive overrides for new members.If you are interested in developing a business, you may register as a Young Living Essential Oils™ Independent Distributor, may purchase at wholesale levels, recruit new members and receive overrides for their purchases. If you choose to register as an independent distributor, you are eligible for the income opportunities listed below.

Young Living Essential Oils™ Compensation Plan includes six levels of potential savings or income.

1. Wholesale Purchasing.

2. Personal Purchase Discount: Distributors may receive a 6% to 16% discount beyond wholesale pricing on personal purchases based on achievement level.

3. Referral Bonus: Each time you personally enroll a new Distributor or customer, you will earn a one-time bonus of 25% to 50% on that new member’s first purchase, based on your achievement level.

4. Override Referral Bonus: An override Referral Bonus of 5% to 25% is paid to the upline of the Sponsor of the new Member who made the purchase.

5. Commissions: Distributors may earn a 5% to 10% commission on organizational sales through six (6) levels (50% collectively).

6. Infinity Generation Bonus: Star Executives may earn from 3% to 11% collectively on sales from the seventh level through four infinity generations.

One may easily transfer from Customer to Distributor status. E-mail, fax or write to request a packet of information on the Young Living Essential Oils™ Company and their products.

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