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A family-friendly, family-fun business located in Gilsum, New Hampshire, the W.S. Badger Company has created an extraordinary, highly creative line of balms and oils, all made with natural, therapeutic ingredients. W.S. Badger offers a comprehensive line of products: balms for chapped hands, balms for sore cracked hands, cracked lips, anti-bug, baby balm, sore muscle balms, skin conditioners, massage oils, body oils and other natural personal care products. Their balms are scented and unscented. The entirely natural ingredients used in the W.S. Badger products are organic or otherwise ecologically cultivated and produced. The remedies are formulated based on principles that have proven safe and effective for thousands of years. We invite you to browse through the W.S. Badger products and to experience them firsthand.

We, here at The Essence of Things, find the Badger formulations useful, unusual, delightful and effective. Their products are natural, certified organic, and their philosophy supports sustainability and great good humor.

W.S.Badger products are super-safe, super-comforting blends of fresh, whole, organic, extra-virgin oils, waxes, exotic butters, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. And nothing else! Badger Balms and Oils contain no chemicals, synthetics, parabens, GMOs or any of the other dubious stuff you’ve read so much about. Just good, wholesome, blends of concentrated goodness. There are products for adults, children and baby badgers. Gentle and safe, you will find these products irresistable. Balms come in convenient travel sizes as do their lip balms and lip care products.

This company is the sort of neighbor you would love to have. Badger Balms are like your best friend – you can take them everywhere with you and they will never let you down. We keep many of them within easy reach! Badger supports community and sustainable, natural living. Support them and enjoy their outstanding products! Become a Badger! Buy Badger!

Herbs, especially organic herbs, are useful, powerful plants, and herbal formulas are useful in every area of life, including personal care and nutrition. An informative article on herbs can be found at: