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Because of their long-standing commitment to meticulous preparation and testing of their formulations, we decided to include many of Thorne Research’s products on our site. We are now carrying all of their organic personal care products, many of their nutritional supplements, and several of their pet supplements. Thorne is a company we look to for many of our own supplement needs, and have found their product quality to be exceptional and effective. Thorne is one of the most respected companies in the dietary supplement industry.

The United States is in the midst of a health-care crisis. Food quality (unless you buy and/or garden organically and sustainably) is precariously low. Dietary supplementation can fill some of those gaps and you need to make choices based on your health needs and on the quality of the products you are considering. The supplement quality and effectiveness need to be outstanding.

None of Thorne Research’s more than 280 nutritional supplements contain potentially allergenic fillers, binders, or lubricants. Even the most sensitive allergy patient can use Thorne Research products. With our pure, effective supplements, Thorne can help you live well, naturally.

Thorne offers: Pure Ingredients
Thorne uses the purest ingredients available. Thorne does not use any of the potentially allergenic ingredients used by other companies. Companies are not required to list these ingredients if they aren’t added at the time the product is manufactured.

Thorne offers: No Impure Additives
Many companies use impure impure ingredients. Companies are required to list these additives because they are added at the time the product is manufactured. Thorne is the only company to use pure, hypoallergenic ingredients – from raw materials to the finished product. For 25 years, they have never used the common, inexpensive, potentially harmful additives often used by other companies.

Thorne offers: Absorption
Thorne products contain no lubricants made of ingredients that can prevent you from absorbing the active nutrients. Lubricants enable tableting and capsuling machines to run more efficiently, but these large fat molecules can prevent the product from dissolving in your digestive tract. Large fatty acid additives in this category include stearic acid and its cousins, magnesium stearate and calcium stearate. These lubricants have similar negative properties – reduced dissolution and inhibited absorption.

Learn to look on a supplement’s product label for the presence of stearic acid or magnesium stearate.
All of Thorne’s products are encapsulated rather than being manufactured in tablet form. Thorne feels that encapsulation of dietary supplements offers significant advantages over tableting, such as the ability to provide greater purity and bioavailability of nutrients.

Making tablets requires that other ingredients be added, in addition to just the nutrients. Binders, lubricants, coatings, disintegrants, and other excipients are the ingredients most commonly added by tablet manufacturers. These ingredients must be added to make the tablet stay together, to make the tablet shiny, and to make the tablet break apart.

Tablet press machines compact the powdered nutrients together (that have already been mixed with binders and lubricants) with a tremendous amount of force. Then, to make them shiny and easier to swallow, the tablets are often sprayed with coatings such as shellac – like the shellac found on furniture but instead labeled “pharmaceutical glaze” – or coated with “vegetable protein,” most often a protein derived from corn. Thorne feels that capsules provide a purer and more effective product than do tablets.