FAQs and Helpful Hints

Use a Cell Phone Tab for your cell phone

Would it be ok for a pregnant woman to wear the Crystal Catalyst Bead?

The energy of Catalyst Beads oxygenate the blood and is life enhancing. It should be protective of the child.

Can I wear more than one pendant at a time?

It is best to wear only one pendant at a time and to change as necessary.

Should I wear a metal chain or a cord with my pendant?

The type of cord or chain makes no difference. The bead actually energizes metal chains. Some people can not wear metal - then a cord is better.

What do you use for a cordless phone and where should it be placed?

Use the Electronic Smog Buster Tab and place it on the back of the portable unit, over the ear.

I am having trouble sleeping. Is the Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator my best bet? Is there anything else I can do to improve my sleep?

First move electrical appliances away from the bed, (at least 2-3 feet) especially head and chest areas. If that doesn't work or you can not move the electrical appliances away from the bed, use a 3-Hole Resonator on any close appliances; then use the Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator last, under the bed. The successful use of your Flat Spiral depends upon correct placement. If you ache at night, or do not sleep well, lie down on your bed in the position you assume while sleeping. Note where the irritation occurs on the bed, and then position the resonator, bead side up, on the floor under the bed or beneath the mattress.

I have a one level home with the usual (TV, computer, microwave, phones) electrical appliances. Would a Tri-Pak Resonator be sufficient for an 1800 sq. ft. home? Do I need Three-hole Resonators as well for the individual appliances?

One Tri-Pak Resonator cleans the emanations from electrical outlets and appliances in an average building or home. Any of your electronic devices such as the TV, computer, printer or power strips would need individual Three-Hole Resonators, Toroids or Tabs. Twelve-point Resonators, which are a little stronger used in combination with the other products, are designed to neutralize annoying radiation levels from word processors, computers and TV screens, florescent lights, telephone receivers, automobile electronics, power line transformers and most electronic devices. Your land line phone or cell phone would use a Cell Phone Tab. Place a Three-Hole Resonator on the back of your refrigerator where the cord enters the refrigerator, this is particularly important if it is against a wall with a baby's or person's bed on the other side. Your microwave would use a Star Three-Hole Resonator on the center top of the case.

What changes can I expect once I have properly placed your products?

In terms of what changes to expect, it would depend upon what the problem is and how it affects you. For example, years ago we noticed that, when we worked for extended periods of time on computers, we would develop exhaustion, a fuzzy brain and general malaise. Those symptoms disappeared upon application of the devices. We then decided to offer them in our product line.

Why does a Gaussmeter continue to show a lot of activity even after I have placed your products.

Gaussmeters only measure magnetic fields. They do not measure x-ray, ultaviolet, frequency or polarity. Our products alter the harmful aspects of E.M.R. just as a water filter on your faucet cleans the water but the water still flows.

Helpful Hints

Lap Tops . . . are not supposed to go on the lap. It is actually in the instructions! (Probably in tiny writing.) Get the lap top onto a cart or something, so that there is at least several inches between the lap top and lap. Men and women should protect their organs. A Three-hole Resonator can be placed on the underside of the cart or desk.

Remote Controls . . . should not be resting in one's lap. Clear the TV with a Three-hole Resonator and set the remote control on a table or sofa arm.


Animals are also affected by EMF Pollution. Dogs won't sleep over a Geopathic Zone but cats will. Crystal Catalyst Beads have been placed on the collars of a number of seriously arthritic goats, dogs, and mixed breeds of various sizes and other animals. If your pet does not wear a collar, put the bead in their bed. All animals showed marked improvement and increased stamina. There is also a bead for horses which many owners braid right into their mane. Many of our tests have been done on animals because they don't know what is being done or expected, and there is no placebo effect. It is also a good idea not to put your cat or dogs food near the refrigerator or an electrical outlet.