Biomagnetic Research Crystal Catalyst Bead®


Biomagnetic Research Crystal Catalyst Bead® BRI-004

Biomagnetic Research Crystal Catalyst Bead®

Provides EMF Protection

0.4 in./1 cm. in diameter

This small bead is incredibly jam packed with helpful energies to help reduce your consumption of harmful EMF radiation. The Biomagnetic Research Crystal Catalyst Bead® can help absorb harmful frequencies and re-broadcast it in a cleaner, healthier form. This bead is .4 inches in diameter (or 1 cm) and can be worn with any type of cord or metal necklace. It also makes a great addition to add-a-bead bracelets and necklaces. It is a turquoise color.

How Does it Work?

This tiny bead is made from a space age ceramic material similar to what is used in superconductors. This material is then fired under a special field, which rearranges the molecules of the product, allowing it to alter and redirect electromagnetic frequencies into more helpful, beneficial frequencies. This product does not block magnetic radiation, but instead alters it.

This Biomagnetic Research Crystal Catalyst Bead® is best used when worn where it can touch skin. It is also known to be beneficial for animals such as dogs and cats that have arthritis. You can attach the bead to their collar. If they do not wear a collar, you can also place it in their bed.

Why Choose EMF Protection?

Electromagnetic radiation is light particles that travel in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light. This can be carried through electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), which can be produced by electronic devices such as cell phones and other wireless devices. Since the human body relies on bioelectrical signals to regulate many bodily processes, artificial EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) created by electronic devices can interfere with your natural bodily processes.

EMF disruption in the body can cause elevated stress levels, lowered immune response, disturbed sleep cycles, or more.

You may have also heard of “dirty electricity” or EMF pollution. Our EMF protection products, such as this Crystal Catalyst Bead, help you, your family, and your pets reduce on-the-go consumption of dirty electricity.