A Relaxing Experiencing Confidence CD

We find that it is difficult to move through life with confidence. Confidence is not arrogance or cockiness; true confidence is peaceful and calm. It sits in the background, like a wave of calm and strength, not disturbing normal waking consciousness in any way, guiding us. This recording is designed to support deep relaxation and to enhance the ability to experience confidence and competence. It was designed and recorded by an experienced clinical psychologist, and was influenced and reviewed by experienced colleagues. It creates a peaceful, effective and comforting experience. If you work with it, it will help you quickly move into a state of peace and confidence, even in the toughest of circumstances. To be effective, and we have found that it can be very effective, your participation and commitment are absolutely required. You need to practice simple exercises, and it helps if you practice wholeheartedly. Directions are included. This recording is only 15 1/2 minutes long. It won’t consume very much of your time. We have been getting consistently positive feedback about it!

Further, we tend to create pictures in our minds, assumptions as to what the future will bring.If we create negative pictures and anticipations, we create anxiety, apprehension.If someone is about to make a public presentation and assumes that he or she will not do well and will not be well received, that person will enter into the situation anxious and disadvantaged.However, if that person has an internal picture of a successful presentation, one in which he or she is warmly received by the audience, that person then enters the situation calm and possibly even feeling connected with the audience from the start. Which inner state and set of assumptions will create the more positive experience?

That is one of endless examples of how our minds affect our physiology, our emotional state and our perception of how we will be received by the world.This CD takes us deeper than that in creating an ability to move through the world with quiet confidence, but the example is intended to create an awareness of the fact that we do create our responses to and perceptions of reality.Often we are not aware that we are doing this, but it is entirely possible to become mindful of this ability, and to develop and use it consciously.

Dr. Hull has been working with individuals and studying human consciousness for over 40 years. Her website can be found at: http://www.psychotherapyastransformation.com