The Essence of Things

The Essence of Things is a small, home-based business, first conceived in 1986, for the express purpose of collecting unusually high quality, natural, pure, personal care, health, and even pet food products and distributing them to persons interested in having independent access to this level of product quality.



Statement of Intention

The Essence of Things support independence in self-care and in life-style. We support searching for products and lifestyle habits that support your own health and a constant sense of well-being. We support the concept of balance, of filling in equal measure all of the major areas of our lives: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We believe in a sense of community, of sharing with our neighbors the good ideas and decisions of our lives. We ask that you explore our product lists and select for review any products toward which you are drawn and which would fill a lack in your health-care or self-care program. When you have decided, continue to use the products that work for you. We will assist you in developing autonomy in ordering, which will present possible price or financial advantages.



Here Are the People Involved . . .

Owner, The Essence of ThingsEssie Hull, Ph.D. is the founder and director of The Essence of Things. A licensed clinical psychologist in independent practice by primary profession, she is invested in supporting healthy lifestyles, healthy workplaces and conscious choice. She is appalled at what seems to be rampant disregard of human health and well-being by industry in general, and the website she sponsors offer products that support health and greater control over one’s own life and environment. She practices (it seems like for 400 years!) in a cottage in the woods in rural New Hampshire, gardens organically, has a variety of poultry and two diabolical cats, Simon and Garfunkel. The fruits of her organic, increasingly biodynamic gardens adorn many of the pages on this site.

Mary Ellen will fill your ordersMary Ellen MacCoy has worked for The Essence of Things since 2005. Mary Ellen brings a sweet essence to her job, as she and her husband made maple syrup for many years. She has 35 years of experience in the typesetting and printing field, and will be happy to answer your questions and fill your orders. Mary Ellen is the prime mover in the reorganization and expansion of The Essence of Things. She denies being a geek, but she sort of is. Mary Ellen is in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm (EST) to answer your questions, so please feel free to call and email her.

Office Manager, PSIJonna Wormald manages Essie’s psychology practice, and does some work, primarily involving numbers, with The Essence of Things. Jonna enjoys being a mother, had taken a couple of breaks to be at home when her children were little, and, we are enormously happy to say, is back working with us. The office is significantly more orderly with her around. We all have different talents in life; Jonna has exceptional organizational skills. She has a keen ability to master new tasks and we have just given her several important ones to take charge of, mostly involving enhanced technology. Best to you, Jonna! It’s wonderful to have you back!

Chickens enjoying the day

(The three of us work well together . . .)

Backyard Helpers

For years we have hired Canterbury teenagers to help us maintain our environment. There is a long list of young people who have come as youngsters and who have left, college-bound. We used to list them individually here, but the list has grown ‘way too long to include. Our practice has been to hire youngsters, part-time, at around 14, and actually put them on the payroll. For all of them, it has been their first “real job.” We take out Social Security and in general give them a taste of formal employment. We also create an environment that parents appreciate: safe and well supervised. It’s turning out to be our contribution to young people, and it’s been surprisingly gratifying and effective. One dear young woman (now going into her 2nd year of college and on the Dean’s List) has repeatedly told me that her job with us, and Essie’s support of her talent, gave her the courage and determination not only to go to college, but to go out of state to the school that she really wanted to attend. Now, that is deeply affirming. And, we teach them about organic agriculture and about non-toxic environments.

And so, join with us by doing at least one positive thing for the earth, every day. And, while you are doing it, be in full consciousness of the living nature of the world and hold the intention to support that life. I see all the time how one or two people can transform a blighted area into a paradise, a barren area into a vital, vibrant food basket. It’s neither difficult nor complicated. We just all need to do it. Yes we can! We believe in organic foods and natural nutritional supplements. Our state organic farming association, staffed by truly wonderful, nutritious people, can be found at: Find and support yours!

The Essence of Things