Seasonal News from The Backyard

We relocated last year to a little hobbit-like house in Concord, NH. Cozy and sweet, it surrounds us with peace and harmony. And because we relocated and had to sort through 46 ½ years in one environment and rebuild another (not at all fun but definitely cathartic and cleansing), we haven’t updated this page in about 8 months! We’ll be eventually including pictures of these new gardens and this sweet little site. While we miss the Canterbury community and still have deep roots there, this new place is quiet, harmonious, and has fewer mosquitoes than did our former home.

Last year we decided to begin utilizing social networking media to support our work. We have a great Facebook page, and we will be eventually starting a blog. Those things seem like routine additions to a website business, but they have proven to be thought-provoking. First of all, I didn’t want to have a Facebook page with announcements about products, but we do need to include at least occasional product information on this media. I enjoy thinking about who I want to be in the world, wanting to support mutual thought and deliberation. So often we react unconsciously to people, to events and to ideas. What needs to really happen is that we think deeply and trade ideas and perspectives with each other. In other words, I want to have our social media links to be genuinely relevant, in addition to having a focus on our products. Please join us in contributing to that. Please “like” us on Facebook (The Essence of Things). Eventually, we’ll have a blog to offer.

Hopefully, all of you are contributing in some way to addressing the ills of the world. Lately, our focus has been on civility and dialogue. Emotional reactivity and venomous interactions seem to dominate the airwaves, and it’s pretty sickening. People can differ in their thoughts and opinions, but discussion rather than aggression needs to light the way of increased understanding and cooperation. We can all contribute to that, every one of us.

We can’t set the world right all by ourselves, but we can do our part. Darkness is simply the absence of light and is dispelled by bringing in light. Each of us can be a carrier of light. As a company, we are committed to supporting health, safety and the belief that all of our lives, everywhere, need to be secure, satisfying and fulfilling. We all deserve that. Develop a plan to help yourself get through hard times.

Words fail to accurately reflect the natural beauty here. We live in beautiful, peaceful immediate surroundings. The natural environment sustains and grounds us. We try to support it in all of the many ways available to us. We pray for peace and governmental sanity. We are committed to supporting health, safety and the belief that all of our lives, everywhere, need to be safe, satisfying and fulfilling. We all deserve that. May your days be filled with contentment, cheer and love.

We believe in organic foods and natural nutritional supplements. Our state organic farming association, staffed by truly wonderful, nutritious people, can be found at: Find and support your organic farmers!